For those of you who've asked when's the next show and what I've been up to.  Here's a little update.  I've spent the last few months on the road with an amazing cast doing a tour of Lynn Nottage's Pulitzer Prize winning play "Ruined", under the direction of the brilliantly talented Liesl Tommy. 

Here are a couple press clippings:
 Carla Duren: Broadway’s BlackFolkRockStar turns serious about the Congo in Ruined. -Lisa Lipsey, Rage Monthly

...what lends this production its convincing note of hope is Duren’s incandescent Sophie. As she sings, her plaintive but joy-tinged voice joins with the ebullient soukous music to suggest a people of resilience. -Susan Saccoccia, Bay State Banner

All in all it was an amazing, rewarding, challenging, life-changing and a completely transformative experience. I am so grateful I had the opportunity to play such a complex character that is based in reality.  Ruined is actually about the war currently raging in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where women are recklessly used as weapons of war. Boys are torn from their homes and are forced to be soldiers.  These boys are initiated into their new existence by being forced to kill and rape, sometimes even members of their own families. it's unconscionable and it's happening NOW! There are many charities and organizations dedicated to the cause if you feel a call to action.  One is called WOMEN FOR WOMEN INTERNATIONAL.  It is my favorite charity and I have attached the link if you feel moved to make a difference and change lives:

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