This January I have the distinct honor of working with legends ROBERT WILSON, BERNICE JOHNSON REAGON and TOSHI REAGON on ZINNIAS: THE LIFE OF CLEMENTINE HUNTER in which I play the title role.  I am honored to portray this self taught African-American folk artist from Louisiana whose vibrant depictions of her life on Melrose Plantation were selling for thousands of dollars before she left this world after living for 100 years.  I am amazed and inspired every day by the brilliance of the cast and creative team I've been blessed to work with! one of my finest moments was while singing one of TOSHI's brilliant country inspired compositions she said "You sound like Dolly Parton circa 1968...and I love me some Dolly Parton circa 1968." So that inspired me to release my country inspired song "WAITING"...take a listen on the "4 ROCKSTARS" page. 

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