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13 for 13

this page is just for you! if you have yet to hear my song BlackFolkRockStar it's all about my desire to be true to myself and to follow my heart.
so this page is an invitation to you to follow me on my heart's journey and to hopefully keep you inspired to do YOU and to honor your truth!

here you'll find the latest exclusive uploads to this year's "13
for 13" project which stands for 13 songs for 2013.
i've been inspired to record and release 13 songs by the end of this year...a song a month +1 bonus track and by the end of the year...voilà! an album! and you can say you heard it here first ;)

the uploads will be available exclusively on this page for your listening pleasure along with some advance downloads.  
in the process of inviting you on this journey i'm also sharing a little more of me...
you'll find links to my twitter, facebook and pinterest pages so you can see what keeps me inspired and juiced 
also my tumblr feed is below with random thoughts and pics from my day and the things that fuel my dreams!
so honored and grateful to have you along for the ride...

here's to peace, love, prosperity & pleasure in 2013

13 for 13 tracks

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13 for 13 song list

1. "waiting" is the january track of "13 for 13"
produced by myself and the multifaceted TEDDY KUMPEL who is also playing guitar, banjo and whatever else we could find lying around to get the sound we wanted :)

2. "our love" is the february track of "13 for 13"
it was a SURPRISE that i wrote for my bestie jeni fujita's wedding february 16, 2013! recorded at TEDDY KUMPEL's studio in Brooklyn as a covert, stealth operation.  she was totally floored. mission accomplished! let there be love!

3. "african daisy" is the march track of "13 for 13"
 i've released this little baby featuring of course TEDDY KUMPEL  on guitar  and DANIEL SADOWNICK on percussion in honor of spring's arrival and also in honor of serenading the Sister Goddesses at MAMA GENA'S SCHOOL OF WOMANLY ARTS this month! 

4. "dream train" is the april track of "13 for 13"
oh how i love a lullaby. congrats to my new ROCKSTAR parents and your little ROCKTOTS! this one's for you.  i got nothin' but love for your babies.  thanks for inspiring this song.  and hold tight to dreams... 

5. "may this love" is the may track of "13 for 13"
i love to write songs as gifts for my friends. may's song was a wedding gift for a friend and now serves as my wish to you that all your "maybe's" come true. 

6. "all over again" is the june track of "13 for 13"
this is a rough mix that i recorded with my talented friend and guitarist HENDRIK HELMER.  it's not yet available for can get it with the album!

7. "the other half" is the july track of "13 for 13"
...and also launches the second half of the 13 for 13 project! we're half way there! this track featuresDANIEL SADOWNICK on percussion...but is only "half" done :)
JULIETTE JONES has composed and arranged a gorgeous string arrangement for this track! can't wait for you to hear it!! for now here's a teaser...

8 -13. so... the end of 2013 was a whirlwind! i'm still completing a couple songs, however "i'm here", "november" and "shine" are now available for your listening pleasure.  "i'm here" was written as a gift for a friend as a tribute to the beautiful relationship she had with her mother.  "november" and "shine" were gifts as well for friends on their wedding day.  the last 3 songs will be on the completed, mixed and mastered album to be released in 2014.  thanks for making 2013 so inspiring and memorable for me by following me on this journey.  love you all! SHINE ON!

Finally got mine! Can’t wait to listen and be transported...

Finally got mine! Can’t wait to listen and be transported back onstage with you all!!#FORTRESSOFSOLITUDE #castalbum @publictheaterny @shkboom #musicismylife #mylifeinthetheater #ohbabyyouretheoneillremember #fortressforever #365photochallenge #picoftheday #photochallenge #photoaday2015cd #86

These women ROCK MY WORLD! Love them for coming to see me...

These women ROCK MY WORLD! Love them for coming to see me @vineyardtheatre in #BROOKLYNITE
Love you @morley_music @toshireagon @julesonstrings I’m so blessed to know you, make music with you and have you in my life! #gratitudegram #fam #musicismylife #365photochallenge…

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"May you have faith in your worth and act with wisdom."...

"May you have faith in your worth and act with wisdom." -@yogitea #wordsofwisdom #yogiteaseries #yogiteawithcarlad #theoriginalyogiteaseries #teatimewithcarlad #teatags #teatime #365photochallenge #picoftheday #photochallenge #photoaday2015cd #70

"Share your strengths, not your weaknesses." -@yogitea #teatags...

"Share your strengths, not your weaknesses." -@yogitea #teatags #teatime #teatimewithcarlad #yogiteaseries #yogiteawithcarlad #theoriginalyogiteaseries #wordsofwisdom #inspiration
@satyajewelry #hamsa #onyx #lotus #heart #365photochallenge #picoftheday #photochallenge #photoaday2015cd #65